Our Service Standards

When we organise instructions with counsel on your behalf, we promise you:

The most appropriate counsel

The right counsel for the subject matter and value of your case from over 2,300 barristers currently practising in Ireland. We do not use devils or novices, only experienced counsel with real experience and expertise. We use only barristers who are eager and available to work for you. We use only counsel who hold substantial professional indemnity insurance cover and current practising certificates issued by the Bar Council.

Compliance with your deadlines

We know that delays by counsel in returning written work are very frustrating for you and your clients. Counsel we use will comply with any deadlines for written work that you stipulate.

Complete focus by counsel on your case

Counsel we use will attend all court hearings and consultations in your case. We will always tell you which counsel is to do your work, we will change counsel dealing with your case if you ask us to, and you can still communicate with counsel in the usual way.

We are independent
We are not a chambers or partnership. We have no ties to particular counsel. Our job is to organise and deliver a quality advocacy and advice service. We accept instructions only from our customers, Irish solicitors and other professionals. Also, we do not impose outdated restrictive practices on you and your clients (unless you ask us to!).

Certainty and transparency on costs
When we receive instructions from you, we arrange for a binding written fee quote from counsel as standard. We can provide written quotes from multiple counsel upon request. Alternatively, we will find you competent counsel willing to deal with your case for the fee you propose. Please view our Costs page for more information.

No more arcane holidays, no more "incommunicado
Counsel we use operate to your schedule. We can always help, 24/7 and 365 days a year, via our Brief Counsel Now online facility.

Free service at no extra cost
We believe that Irish solicitors, other professionals and their clients should not have to pay extra for proper service from counsel. If you can provide us with a lower written fee quote from comparable counsel for your case, we will do our best to beat it.

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