The Top 10 Reasons to Use Us

1. Predictability and certainty for your practice

When you use Brief Counsel Ltd, you'll know when the work will be done by and how much it will cost. No more exasperation or nasty surprises for you or your clients. At a minimum, you will be told up front how much the work will cost and when it will be completed by. If you ask, we can arrange for work to be done at the cost you specify and by your deadline. Please see our Costs Page for more information.

2. Brief the best: Avoid "hit or miss" barristers
We know the membership of the Law Library inside out, who is good and who is to be avoided, who is too busy and who is available to work, and who are the true specialists in each area. Our proprietary database contains information about the Irish Bar that is otherwise unavailable to Irish solicitors, other professionals and their clients. Just send us the papers and we will find you the right barrister to get things done as you need.

3. You are in control
When you use Brief Counsel Ltd, counsel work to your practice needs and standards, and not vice versa. No more chasing around the Law Library; no more unexplained delays or costs; no more restrictive practices; no more arcane holidays. If work must be passed on, you decide how, not counsel.

4. No novices
We will not use "devils" or inexperienced counsel for your case. We firmly believe that you and your clients should not be asked to pay for on-the-job training for barristers. All our barristers have real court experience and the specialised expertise you require for your case.

5. We are flexible
Tell us what you need counsel to do, and we will sort it out for you. For example, we can arrange for counsel to come to your office to work on that difficult file. You may want a senior counsel to deal with your case without having to brief junior counsel too. Or you may need written fee quotes from three different barristers. Let us know, and we will do our best to help you.

6. We listen to you
We really care about your feedback on how counsel perform. This feedback ensures that your views count, and that our services to all Irish solicitors and other professionals continually improve.

7. Irish solicitors and other professionals are our customers
We are not in business with, or under obligation to, any particular counsel. We are a limited company regulated under Irish law, and are complementary to but completely independent of the non-statutory Bar Council/Law Library system. Irish solicitors and other professionals are our customers, not barristers.

8. Confidential, secure and user-friendly service
We are completely independent, discreet and understand the privacy and confidentiality needs of Irish solicitors and other professionals. Our website is designed to the highest security, privacy and data protection standards. Although we are happy to receive your instructions through the post/DX or over the phone, our website's Brief Counsel Now facility offers a simple, immediate and always-available way to brief counsel on your schedule.

9. Your clients are your clients
We provide our services to Irish solicitors and other professionals. We will not steal your hard-won clients. On the contrary, we will help you offer your clients a more cost-effective, transparent and appropriate service that reflects well on your business.

10. No obligation
We are as happy to accept once-off instructions from you as we are to enter into long-term or bulk volume arrangements. Simply use us as you need us. We are confident you will soon appreciate the many advantages of using Brief Counsel Ltd.

Our services are 100 per cent FREE FOR IRISH SOLICITORS AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS, and we will not be beaten on price: if you can get a lower written fee quotation from comparable counsel for your case, we will do our best to beat it.

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